AT&T on Windows Phone 7 Bandwagon To The Tune of 8 Million Devices

Tech industry pundit Michael Gartenberg (via Twitter) is hearing from a trusted source that AT&T has signed up for 8 million devices powered by Windows Phone 7. HTC, Samsung are likely. Given the nature of a 140 character tweet, no information was given on timeframe. It could be 8 million for launch or 8 million for the first year. Still, it’s clear that AT&T is committed to Windows Phone 7 in a big way. Now it’s up to the manufacturers, Microsoft included, to deliver phones that leave those shelves at AT&T. Full context of his tweet below.

Interesting email from a trusted source. AT&T has apparently signed up for 8 million #WP7 devices. #notkin

AT&T Windows Phone 7

It should be noted that Gartenberg isn’t one for rumors, so expect a big Windows Phone 7 splash at AT&T this holiday season.


  1. Sandra Ainsworth says

    Microsoft is probably guaranteeing those handset sales for AT&T.

    I’m also guessing that Microsoft is bankrolling the OEMs to make the handsets. Microsoft has recently been guaranteeing app sales for WP7 software developers.

    Extending that one further, it then guarantees those handset sales for network carriers.

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