AT&T Offering 2-for-1 On All Windows Phone 7 Handsets

Not to be outdone by T-Mobile, AT&T is also offering a two-for-one deal on WP7 phones, but are going a step beyond the competition, and the special applies to every handset in stock. That’s right, starting Black Friday, you can pick up an LG Quantum, HTC Surround, or Samsung Focus and get one free. What’s not immediately clear is if you get the same phone as you purchased free, or can choose any from the line-up.

If you do end up going through AT&T for your phone, don’t forget to score your free entertainment pack too!


  1. Sally says

    It actually worries me that the Windows Phone 7 handsets are being discounted so heavily.

    They’ve been priced to clear, which is great for someone hoping to pick up a bargain, but it makes me wonder what’s going on there. They should not be that cheap.

  2. Christopher Meinck says

    I wouldn’t worry. Outside of the iPhone, all phones go on sale shortly after their release. It’s common. Not to mention, ultimately they get two new contracts if someone does the BOGO. Personally, I think it’s good. Hopefully we’ll get a few more folks hitting up our forums and taking part of the community here.

  3. JW says

    It is a sad day when an honest to goodness deal is looked down upon because of the arrogance of the fruit phone to never have similiar sales. In the end this will be the power of WP over Apple because you are getting the device into more hands faster.

  4. Mike says

    Checked out the Focus today at AT&T. Killer phone. I find it crazy that they offer an entertainment pack and Uverse streaming and only offer a 2GB data plan. Simply cripples the phone. and the Focus is Free through Walmart on-line $99 with a $100 instant rebate. I’m still holding out for the Dell Venue Pro with the unlimited data plan through T-mobile. soon I hope.

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