AT&T NoDo Update Now Available

We had heard that NoDo will make it’s way to the LG Quantum and Samsung Focus on April 19th and thankfully that has become a reality. Yes folks, the first software update is upon us. Fire up your Zune software (or Windows Phone Connector for Mac users) to install the update.

NoDo update

NoDo will not be delivered to the HTC Surround, as confirmed earlier by Eric Hautala of Microsoft. This is due to additional testing necessary due to additional third party software packages on the Surround.

The update offers a host improvements. Most notable being support for copy and paste. The Marketplace experience has also been refined. Prior to NoDo, searching in a particular category would bring results from music, apps, etc. If you search within apps, the results will be apps only. There are also some minor speed improvements. AT&T phones also receive WISPr protocol support, allowing your phone to auto switch to AT&T’s WiFi hotspots when available. Also included is support for the AT&T Address Book.

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  1. Christopher Meinck says

    Try connecting to Zune. My Focus prompted me to update, but you might need to connect for it to see the update.

  2. jaaks says

    Connected Focus to Zune software to update. Mine says Windows Phone Update, February 2011. First, it went through a series of steps, up to 7 of 9. Then it rebooted, now it says STEP 1 OF 2: REBOOTING YOUR PHONE… It’s been stuck here for 40+ minutes. Any suggestions? Anyone? Help!

      • jaaks says

        I got mine to update, although not without problems. I ran the windows phone support tool plus I had to do a hard reset and reformat the microSD card. Mine never got to the backup stage so I lost all pictures and files. Most apps disappeared, too. I notice a few improvements, notably copy and paste. One thing I’m really pleased with is, it seems the bluetooth connection is better. I thought I read somewhere about this being improved and I’m glad. I have a Jawbone Icon and it worked flawlessly on my old Fuze. When I paired it with my Focus, pre-NoDo, it seemed to fade in and out. Now it’s much better.

  3. mike b says

    If you haven’t got the update on your focus yet, plug in your phone to PC and start Zune
    it should update automatically. My focus didn’t update until I ran the windows phone support tool,the Zune software will tell u if u need to do that too
    It wasn’t totally seamless, but I got it updated and its going good!

  4. Kyle says

    Windows Phone Connector still doesn’t find any updates. Even though my phone notified me updates are available. Maybe this will be fixed in the next day or so.

  5. says

    Stage 3: Delivering update
    Microsoft has started to send out the update. Because updates are typically delivered to customers in batches, it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for you.

  6. ryan says

    i got my message on my focus but when i connect it to my mac using the windows program, there is nothing to prompt for an update

  7. joe says

    i have tryed for over a month cant get zune to work followed ever thing people have told me installed unistalled reinstalled so many times updated things cell people nothing is there a was of getting the update with zune

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