AT&T Drops Price On LG Quantum To $0.01

It seems like there’s always one or another incredible sale for a Windows Phone 7 handset, and today we see that AT&T has dropped the price of the LG Quantum to a mere penny. This one requires the standard two-year contract, plus at least a $15/month data fee.

If you’re desperate for a Windows Phone 7 handset with a QWERTY keyboard, the Quantum has got you covered with a rather nifty landscape slide-out keyboard. Under the hood, it’s pretty much the same as every other model on the planet, but access to LG apps is a nice bonus too.

[via PocketNow]


  1. Greg Y says

    It seems to be a pattern with Windows Phones.

    They arrive on the market at full price. But within a few weeks they’re priced to clear, at firesale prices.

  2. Chris Coyle says

    I’ve had this phone for 2 weeks now and got it at that price from AT&T. This news is at least 2 weeks old. A fantastic phone …still no NoDo update though!

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