AT&T And Microsoft Get Chummy For Windows Phone 7

AT&T has confirmed their commitment to WP7, promising to give it their full backing. “We’ll be the premier carrier for Windows Phone 7,” said a spokesperson talking to PCWorld. “We haven’t given guidance on timing.”

Rumors are currently putting AT&T’s purchasing order for WP7 devices at a whopping eight million phones — obviously Ma Bell is dedicated to the new OS.

It’s not really clear what being the “premier carrier” actually entails. Will they get a wider variety of devices than the other three major carriers? Or will they possibly have a flagship phone, which Microsoft is banking a lot on. Whatever ends up happening, you know AT&T will be a big part of it.

There are rumors floating about that AT&T is putting so much effort into WP7 because they’re on the verge losing exclusivity for the iPhone. If that is true, it’ll be interesting if WP7 can absorb the loss.

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