Asphalt 5, Galaga Legion DX, And Pool Pro Online 3 Also Coming Soon To Windows Phone

Of course, E3 is only hours away, but more and more Windows Phone games have been discovered through the days lately. Hopefully E3 will bring official news of all these great Xbox LIVE games coming to Windows Phone. This time around, it has been discovered that Asphalt 5, Galaga Legion DX, and Pool Pro Online 3 will all be coming to Windows Phone soon.

Below we have some quick information about each game as provided by Windows Phone Daily, along with some video trailers.

Asphalt 5 – This popular racing franchise finally makes its way over to Windows Phone with its fifth iteration. Featuring 12 locations to shred tires and 30 of the highest end cars to wield, Asphalt 5 promises to be a fun portable racing experience.

Galaga Legion DX – An exclusive port to Windows Phone from the popular Xbox Live downloadable title, Namco Bandai reimagines their classic hit Galaga with a new wave gameplay mechanic and modern slick graphics.

Pool Pro Online 3 – This Namco Bandai game is a virtual pool game with slick 3D graphics and animations. Games get a little more interesting when you wage cash and see who comes out the victor.

Out of the above three discovered games, which one are you most anxiously awaiting?

WP7 Connect via Windows Phone Daily

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