Apresta Adds Support for Motorola Q to Enterprise Data Access Offering

Apresta, innovators in providing wireless access to enterprise data, today announced support for the Motorola Q, the latest cellular smart phone that runs handheld applications on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. With Apresta, Motorola Q users can now gain seamless, real-time access to data from any back-end enterprise database system, including CRM, ERP, financials, and more.

Apresta is designed to give users real-time access to enterprise data formatted specifically for handheld devices, such as the Motorola Q, BlackBerry, or Treo. Apresta provides a solution that connects to multiple back end systems, accesses and organizes data fields from those systems, and then publishes the data to the handset. The beauty of Apresta is that it provides real-time, two-way access to business-critical customer and account information at the point of need, when a salesperson is calling on a customer, or a service representative is on site. And Apresta accommodates data access security, supports changing business rules, and lets you build custom reports and displays without any programming.

“The Motorola Q is the latest device to give users handheld access to e-mail, the web, and more, and mobile workers are always looking for new tools and technologies to simplify their lives,” said Rich Koch, vice president of marketing for Apresta. <em>”With Apresta, we can increase the value of the Motorola Q for mobile workers, giving users access to information that is critical business operations when they need it. Now customers can access sales reports, financial data, ERP and CRM information, inventory, pricing or delivery data, and more from their Motorola Q.”

The Apresta data delivery model is similar to iTunes for music delivery; rather than having to download an application, Apresta delivers just the data you want to access when and where you want it. Apresta Studio gives users a simple interface to create custom reports, mapping specific data fields for display on handheld devices, like the Motorola Q smart phone. The results are customized wireless reports and data entry systems that can monitor sales activity, check inventory, place orders, and more.

“The Motorola Q is the ideal platform for Apresta data access,” Koch adds. “Its QWERTY keyboard makes it easy to enter customer and order information — the keyboard really facilitates the real time data interaction capabilities of Apresta.”

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