Apps On HTC Sense UI For Windows Phone 7 Unveiled

We saw a leak the other day for HTC’s custom Sense UI App, which they’re going to slap on top of WP7, and will doubt slow things down horrendously. While it’s very pretty, we don’t have a very high view of manufacturer’s adding their own content on top of a vanilla OS.
Regardless, WMPU has gained a list of apps that the custom hub will add:

Weather – we have all see this visually stunning app.
Calculator – a simple calculator in portrait and scientific calculator in landscape
Connection Setup – useful when roaming onto another network
Converter – a simple unit convertor
Flashlight – we know this one
List – a simple lists app.
Love – included in EVERY Windows Phone 7 device!
Notes – the visually stunning notes app.
Photo Enhancer – the ability to add simple effects to pictures
Sound Enhancer – enable SRS WOW or Dolby Mobile on your device.
Stocks – a nice stocks app.

We saw the stocks, notes and weather app in the video from late last week, so we knew those were there already. All of these will be installed by default, and the “Get More” button will apparently take you to the WP7 marketplace.

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