App Review: Big Oven for Windows Phone 7

If you enjoy cooking or simply looking for ways to use leftovers, then look no further than BigOven for Windows Phone 7. It’s a free app that is available in the Marketplace. Read on for our review and we’ll even throw in a tip for some tasty meatloaf.

Big Oven for Windows Phone 7

BigOven provides you with access to over 170,000 recipes, all from your Windows Phone 7 device. You easily search for something of interest and you’ll get a list of recipes, complete with ratings by other users. Select a recipe and you’ll see photos of the dish, thorough user reviews and an option to share via email, Facebook or Twitter. Find a recipe of note and a quick email to yourself will help you when shopping for ingredients. During my tests, I tried the Stovetop Meatloaf and it was quite good. Not only that, but it was very easy to make. I was aided in my preparation by the suggestions of other BigOven members.

Big Oven WP7 Review

The BigOven app offers more features to those who register with their site. You can set up favorites or select a recipe that you’d like to try at a later date.

Big Oven Windows Phone 7

The app itself is fast, easy to use and packed with resources. One feature allows you to select up to three leftovers and BigOven will provide you with recipes that include those ingredients. If you are like me, it’s not uncommon for items in my refrigerator to go bad before I’ve had a chance to use them. Unfortunately, there are no recipes that include old cauliflower.

Regardless of your cooking prowess, BigOven for Windows Phone 7 is a great asset to most anyone in the kitchen. Given the price (free), vast resources of recipes and app performance, I’d highly recommend it.

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