Angry Birds Maker Fails To Recognize Windows Phone 7

Peter Vesterbacka is the known as the “Mighty Eagle” at Rovio, the company behind the wildly popular Angry Birds. Rovio has confirmed Angry Birds is coming to WP7, but we were curious to hear Versterbacka’s thoughts on the mobile landscape when asked how he viewed the various mobile operating systems.

Peter Versterbacka

Besides Apple and Google, it will be interesting to see how long it will take for Nokia to get their act together. MeeGo is clearly the future there, remains to be seen how big and how soon. HP-Palm webOS is a really cool OS and has been a pleasure developing for that one, but the volume is irrelevant for the time being. Everything else is more or less “interesting” right now, ie no real business to be had, at least not yet.”

I guess WP7 gets lumped into the interesting category, despite having over 5,000 applications in the Markeplace in less than 2 months. It could be worse, Versterbacka had some choice words for Google’s Android Market saying, “And paid content just doesn’t work on Android.” That can’t be good for developers.

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  1. jojo says

    The fact is that Rovio is making a lot of money with the free version of Angry birds on Android with the ads. Developers will continue to gravitate more and more toward Android. 2011 will be a hot one for Android.

    • Christopher Meinck says

      With over 200,000 apps, I’d say Android is doing quite well. This isn’t the first developer to question the potential for success for paid apps in the Android Market.

      They did very well from an ad standpoint with Angry Birds.

      • Joe says

        “With over 200,000 apps, I’d say Android is doing quite well.”

        Unfortunately, 98% of those apps are crap. Then again I’ve never understood the boastful nature of how many apps a platform has. Who cares? Quality is always better than quantity. How many apps can a person legitimately use on his phone on a daily basis? 20? 30, maybe?

        “When will Windows Phone 7 implement landscape orientation?”

        WP7 already has landscape. It just doesn’t have it for the start and apps screen. But you don’t need landscape mode for those screen. I can’t even imagine how the WP7 start screen would work in landscape mode.

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