Angry Birds Developer Angry About Unauthorized Logo on Windows Phone site

Have you played Angry Birds yet? The app is available for pretty much every mobile platform and it’s all kinds of awesome. Naturally, Microsoft would like to see Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7. So much so that it appears they put an icon somewhere on a Windows Phone 7 site highlighting apps. Not so fast says Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds. In a tweet, they said the icon is unauthorized and they have not committed to doing a Windows Phone 7 version, at least not yet.
Angry Birds Windows Phone 7

Seems like a harmless mistake and it also seems as if Angry Birds will eventually make its way to Windows Phone 7. How about you? Want Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7? You can discuss Windows Phone 7 games in our forums.

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  1. Howard Abraham says

    The thing is…it’s XNA. Once Rovio writes a version for WP7 then it will run on the 360 and PC with very little modification. It’s a big pile of money on the table. They are going to do it.

  2. Christopher Meinck says

    Absolutely no doubt about it. This will have no effect on their plans. If anything, it’ll be even bigger news when the official commitment comes.

  3. Sandy M says

    I’m not sure if we can really say that Angry Birds will make it to Windows Phone 7.

    More likely, the developers will wait-and-see how Windows Phone 7 performs on the market, and whether it succeeds or fails, before committing to a port. That is, unless Microsoft is paying for the port (like it is paying for most of the bigger titles).

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