Analyst Eightball: WP7 “Credible Alternative” To iOS, Android

It’s nice to see WP7 get a bit of love from the analyst industry, even if they are a bunch of quacks. Canalys’ Pete Cunningham said:

“I think that together Nokia and Microsoft position themselves very well for when the growth in mobile advertising comes.¬†From a technology and a product point of view, Windows Phone 7 is a credible alternative to Android and the iPhone,where Microsoft is losing now is in the marketing battle.”

Which is completely true. Anyone who has actually used WP7 loves the platform and its UI, the problem is that not enough people even know that it’s a viable alternative.


  1. Leandro says

    Try to use WP7 and you will see how much bugs this thing have. I have a HTC HD7 it have a infinite list of bugs and miss functions, they will fix, blah blah, but why don’t release shorts fixes for OS. I hope we can use services than Nokia will make with Microsoft, I do not want to think than I pitching my money on junk. Today I saw on “the Inquirer” than Microsoft don’t allow Open Source apps at marketplace, they will lose customers to Android.
    Where is Brazilliam Porguese of this crap and Windows Live Messenger???
    Complete disappointment.

  2. gimmeabreak says

    “Anyone who has actually used WP7 loves the platform and its UI”

    You must be joking!

    Even if we excuse this outrageous bit of subjective hyperbole, finding “anybody” who dislikes WP7 is as easy as trolling Microsoft WP website and discussion boards. Worse, the current horde of dissatisfied current customers isn’t even Microsoft’s biggest problem! That would be their incredibly slow speed of iteration. Redmond can’t push out major desktop OS revisions faster than 5-6 years apart and their record with mobile phone OS revisions is at least as bad. The only good news is that Nokia is no better at doing software updates.

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