Analyst Eightball: Windows Phone 7 To Flop

Analyst Eightball is a semi-regular feature, where we feature comments by an industry analyst, and we note that they’re about as accurate as consulting a magic eightball.

Today, industry analyst Gartner has painted a dire picture of what will happen with WP7. They’re pegging a minor bump after the platform debuts, from 4.7% in 2010 to 5.2% in 2011,but this will decline 3.9% by 2014. In that same year, they’re pegging Symbian at 30.2%, Android at 29.6%, with iOS behind that.

Will this be right? I’m not one to take the words of analysts too seriously, as you can no doubt guess, but the competition is pretty fierce right now. That’s still a pretty high percentage of Symbian users, though, so I’d be surprised if they retained that much power.

Here’s hoping WP7 won’t be Kin v2.

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