Analyst Eight Ball: Nokia Could Sell 37 Million Windows Phone Devices

Nokia has made a rather large splash at CES 2012 with the release of the Nokia Lumia 900. The Nokia Lumia 900 appears to be the flagship hero phone that could result in a rather large bump in sales of Windows Phone. According to Morgan Stanley, that bump could sales of 37 million units in 2012 and 37 million units in 2013.

Nokia Windows Phone sales

Those numbers are for Nokia alone. When you take into account HTC sales, they see the number reaching 43 million and that doesn’t account for sales of Samsung Windows Phone sales.

These are extremely lofty numbers, even with the planned increase in marketing dollars. According to Steven Elop, Nokia does have plans to aggressively pursue the low-cost handset market, which could certainly help move a large number of units.

Source: AllThingsD

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