Amazon Germany Pushes Back Nokia Lumia 900 Release Date Once Again

It is May 31st, and thus was supposed to become available the Nokia Lumia 900 through Amazon Germany. To much disappointment though, now Amazon Germany has pushed back the available release date yet again.

This time, the Amazon Germany release date for the Lumia 900 Windows Phone states June 7, 2012.

Seriously, Microsoft, Nokia, Amazon, and whoever else may be taking part in such delays, please give someone a clue on what exactly is going on. Why all the delays all the sudden, especially through Amazon Germany? Is Amazon, or Germany for that matter, not a priority at the moment? Are supplies running low with all these simultaneous releases around the world?

Someone through Germany a Windows Phone here (see what I did there?) and let them have their Lumia 900 from Amazon already!



  1. Bryan says

    I think it’s great if the Phones selling so well that they can’t keep up, but seriously it’s been a month or two now since the Lumia 900 has been out – time to step it up another notch! And if Nokia and MS want to make headway in this market, they have to move a bit faster. By now, we should be hearing about 5 new Nokia Lumia phones with all sorts of form factors and whiz-bang features. Lumia w/ PureView maybe?

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