All-In-One Device Manager And Unlocker In The Works

Julien Schapman, the brains behind TouchXPerience, is working to create an single application that will allow you to load and unload files, sideload installers, unlock your device, and pretty much do all that wonderful nosing around that Microsoft does not want you to do. Here’s his official description:

Windows Phone Device Manager allows you to manage your Windows Phone 7 device from your PC, you can simply view, install and uninstall “sideloaded” applications, explore device, transfer and sync files,… It is compatible with all Windows Phone 7 devices.

Windows Phone Device Manager detects when the phone is connected or disconnected, if you don’t have a registered developer device it can automatically unlock your phone, so you don’t need ChevronWP7 anymore.

You can also connect to your phone via Wi-Fi, for example to transfer files from/to your phone using Windows Phone Device Manager or the provided Windows Phone application.

If Windows Phone Device Manager becomes popular I think about creating an open marketplace for non-commercial applications. Developers are welcome to join the project!

A first version will be released in the next few days.

[via PocketNow]


  1. rob says

    Yes! Why on earth did Microsoft get rid of activesync. I have a job to do remotely, and I would have dearly loved to be able to download an email attachment (note – not a common file type but one specific for an application) on my phone and then transfer it to my work computer. But instead of the old regime, where I could transfer files easily back and forth, now no mechanism comes with the phone. No tethering either… And I have had no luck finding one on the app center. You’d think microsoft would provide one. I hope this one comes out soon and works well.

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