Adobe taking a pass on Flash for Windows Mobile 6.5, looking to Windows Phone 7 Series

It appears Adobe is going to take a pass on bringing Flash to Windows Mobile 6.5. According to an Adobe employee via Adobe’s forums, the company will bypass the current version of WinMo for Windows Phone 7.

“You can expect the final release for Android to be available mid-year. All Android devices that meet our minimum s/w and h/w requirements will be supported. Unfortunately, I cannot say a lot more publicly about our port to the Android platform at this time.”

“As for WinMo, we have made the tough decision to defer support for that platform until WinMo7. This is due to the fact that WinMo6.5 does not support some of the critical APIs that we need.”

There you have it. The first start of the current platform getting the short end of the stick. Let’s hope there is some truth to Windows 7 upgrade options.

via PocketNow

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