According to server logs, Windows Phone 8 devices are already among us

Now, this is news worth reading. The developers behind the Windows Phone wallpaper application – Love Wallpaper HD – have sent WPDang some interesting screenshots. The screenshots show off more than a handful of possible Windows Phone 8 devices!

As you will come to notice in the screenshot attached, most of the devices are Nokia manufactured, but there is more to it. The devices are also listed as running the “wp7″ OS, but that doesn’t fool us. Take a look at the actual OS version numbers. They point to Windows Phone 8, meaning all these devices are possible Windows Phone 8 devices. You will even notice one of the OS version numbers is the same we reported on just yesterday.

Here’s the full list of (possible Windows Phone 8) devices discovered through the server logs:

  1. Nokia Fluid
  2. Nokia Dogphone
  3. Samsung SGH-i687
  4. Juggernaut Alpha
  5. Nokia P4301
  6. Nokia Phi

The device under the brand name of Juggernaut is particularly interesting. The future of Windows Phone is definitely among us, and hopefully we will find out more soon!

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