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Seesmic Twitter App For Windows Phone 7 Previewed

We've talked about Seesmic before, we even saw a brief video demonstration, but this preview blows that away. Seesmic is looking like an excellent Twitter app for WP7, fully featured in every way imaginable, and it gels with the Metro UI perfectly. It integrates with both Twitter and Facebook, offers searches, customizable interface, geolocations, the whole shebang. Color us … [Read more...]

Seesmic Twitter App for Windows Phone 7 Gets Demo Treatment

Seesmic is one of the more popular Twitter apps available on the Android platform and they are bringing their app to Windows Phone 7. We expect a durth of Twitter apps for Windows Phone 7 and for an early release, Seesmic looks quite good. Of course, we're smitten with the metro UI of Windows Phone 7. Doesn't it make everything look better. via WMExperts … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7 Tools Are RTM, Twitter, Netflix, OpenTable, Travelocity, and Flixster announced

Screen shot 2010-09-16 at 1.14.43 PM

As soon as I say Microsoft isn't making an official Twitter app for WP7, I'm proven wrong. Microsoft has just announced that the developer tools for WP7 are finalized, and handful of very cool apps have just been unveiled too. Twitter, Netflix, OpenTable, Travelocity, and Flixster will all be available soon, and you can see them demoed here (which Silverlight won't let me … [Read more...]

Will There Be Native Twitter Support For Windows Phone 7?

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Windows Phone 7 will have native Facebook support. This is a known thing. There will be Twitter apps — at the bare minimum Twikini and Seesmic. The question is: will Microsoft have native Twitter support in Windows Phone 7, so we can get short banalities delivered directly to our screen? The Unwired have uncovered something that hints Microsoft might be moving in that … [Read more...]

Twikini Twitter App Announced for Windows Mobile 7 Series

Mist Labs and Trinket Software have announced the first Twitter client for Windows Mobile 7 series. There are some semantics at play here, considering we saw Seesmic show off their Twitter client at Mix10. Twikini is one of the more popular Twitter clients for Windows Mobile, so it makes perfect sense to see them transition to Windows 7 Phone. The interesting part of … [Read more...]