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ChevronWP7 Is No More – Free Windows Phone App Hub Upgrades Offered


Only two months after launching, ChevronWP7 stopped selling tokens back in January of this year. For all these past months since then, Windows Phone users seeking to use the unlock tool were anxiously awaiting for more tokens to become available. Guess what, now tokens will never be available as ChevronWP7 is closing down. Already!? Yeah, so much for that. In the official … [Read more...]

ChevronWP7 Labs Windows Phone Unlocking Tool Released

Windows Phone unlocking

The team behind ChevronWP7 are back with the officially sanctioned Windows Phone unlocking tool. Chevron WP7 labs allows users to install, run and debut applications on their Windows Phone. Normally reserved for the developers, this unlock tool allows hobbyists to tinker with their phones, by allowing installation of homebrew applications. They charge a minimal fee of $9 to … [Read more...]

Microsoft and ChevronWP7 Partner To Deliver Windows Phone 7 Developer Unlock Tool

ChevronWP7, a software tool that unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices, was discontinued back in 2011. At the time, the developers indicated that they would be working with Microsoft on a possible official route to unlocking. The group met with Microsoft in January. Through this discussion, we established a mutual understanding of our intent to enable homebrew opportunities … [Read more...]

ChevronWP7 Team Now Warns Against Using Their Tool To Update Devices

WARNING ChevronWP7 May Have Consequences After Microsoft warned against using ChevronWP7 Updater earlier this week, then begged for patience until you receive an official update, Chris Walsh, creator of ChevronWP7 Update, has now warned everyone not to use his application. Chris has posted over on his blog that Microsoft communicated with him directly that the method in which … [Read more...]