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Windows Phone 8 ‘Apollo Plus’ Update To Include VPN Support, Assorted Fixes

Going by the code name 'Apollo Plus', an update to Windows Phone 8 is in the cards for sometime early next year, with a debut possible for Mobile World Congress. This is slated to be a point release, so it's likely we are looking at 8.0.1, rather than 8.1 or 8.5. While these sorts of releases are typically reserved for bug fixes, the Apollo Plus update is rumored to be … [Read more...]

HTC To Bring Out New Windows Phone Lineup With Apollo Release

Pocket-lint received information from HTC about their future Windows Phone lineup. HTC will release their new Windows Phone lineup as soon as the next version of the Windows Phone operating system, code named Apollo, is available. Apollo is expected to release later this year, and until then HTC doesn't plan on releasing any entirely new Windows Phone handsets. Kouji Kodera, … [Read more...]

Skype For Windows Phone Due First Half Of 2012 – Full Integration With Apollo Update


Paul Thurrott brings us plenty of good (and finally more) news of Skype coming to the Windows Phone, in any form. Via his SuperSite Blog, Thurrott gives us a little insight on why Skype on Windows Phone was never released by the end of 2011 as expected, what Microsoft is planning in the end with Skype on Windows Phone, and how a Skype application would be the only thing coming. … [Read more...]

Windows Phone 8: Codenamed Apollo

Windows 8 Apollo

With Windows 7.5 around the corner, of course the wheels are in motion behind the scenes at Redmond to start work on the next major revision of Windows Phone. Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo, will likely not see a release until sometime late in 2012. When it lands, there is a rumor it will use the same APX format as Windows 8, bringing a unification of platforms. … [Read more...]

Asphalt 5 now available on Windows Phone Marketplace


The popular racing franchise, Asphalt 5, finally makes its way on to the Windows Phone Marketplace with this week's Xbox LIVE release. Featuring 12 locations to shred tires and 30 of the highest end cars to wield, Asphalt 5 promises to be a fun portable racing experience. Asphalt 5 on the Windows Phone is published by Gameloft, as version, and a download size of 108 … [Read more...]