2 Million Windows Phone 7 Units Shipped?

We still have no idea how many WP7 phones are actually in individuals’ hands, but further estimates make it seem that Microsoft is shipping them out to sellers pretty frequently. TheNextWeb crunched some numbers, and they think that Microsoft has now sent out 2 million devices.

How do they get to that? Microsoft officially announced that in the first six weeks of sales, 1.5 million handsets were shipped out. At this time, the number of monthly active users on the WP7 Facebook app was hovering just at 220,000. ┬áThere are currently some 290,000 active Facebook users on WP7, and if the ratios of phones shipped to users remain the same, then that’s around 2 million handsets.

I don’t think this math works. My gut suspicion tells me that the increase in Facebook numbers is into unsold stock of the phones, not into more shipped units. However, gaining an extra 33% of users over the holiday period is nothing to scoff at.

[via Electronista]


  1. Graham Anton says

    We must ask the question: Why won’t Microsoft tell us how many Windows Phone 7 handsets have been sold to consumers?

    What reason is there to keep this number secret?

    Microsoft only says it has 1.5 million units stockpiled. That means nothing.

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